About Creature Creative

Creature Creative is a graphic design, illustration, woodworking, and all-around creative team comprised of [married couple] Julienne and Danielle Voisin. We are based out of SE Louisiana, and have a passion for art and design as well as animals, nature, and nerd culture.

We currently offer a variety of design services including both physical and digital products. From wooden signage to commercial websites, we tend to dip our toes into as many different areas of art and design as we can.

Branding Services

Need a quickly designed logo without a lot of back and forth with a designer? We offer quick logo designs for businesses with less complex needs. These logos will be just as professional, but lack the complicated detail required (or desired) for some businesses. These logos will feature beautiful type and simple imagery, and will include less revisions.

Having a web presence is very important for any business these days, but not everyone needs a multi-page large website. If your business needs an online presence in the form of a website but wouldn’t need more than a simple landing page, we offer microsite website design. These 1-page websites can also always grow as your business grows.

If you are starting a new business or looking for a complete, detailed make-over to your current look, we offer full branding/rebranding services. We will design a new logo (or upgrade your existing one) and help rebrand your business with new business cards, social media icons, and other marketing needs specific to your business. Making you look professional ALL around is our goal.

We offer full website and e-commerce website design with hosting and domain name services included. We have designed sites for many different industries, and your business would be no exception! We would design a website catered to your business’s specific needs, industry standards, and expected uses. From small start-ups, online shopping sits, all the way to large professional corporations, we will consider any project. Contact us now to get a custom quote.

Social Media Services

Having a social media presence is important to businesses of all kinds, but having a professional social media presence can make your business’s public appearance that much more memorable. Every platform reaches different audiences, and certain audiences are right for you. We offer creative social media set-up services to get your new or existing social media accounts set up and designed to catch attention – in a good way!

Having a social media presence may be the first step, but keeping up a professional and efficient profile takes practice and experience. No one knows your business better than you do, but with our social media marketing services, we will help you get your message out to the right people, the right way. Our social media marketing packages vary depending on frequency, number of platforms, and other factors. We will tailor a program suited just for you.




Graphic Design

  • advertisements
  • business cards
  • flyers & brochures
  • event & festival design
  • restaurant menus
  • t-shirts
  • social media templates
  • invitations
  • interior and exterior signage
  • custom decor
  • graphic posters
  • gift cards
  • product packaging
  • landing pages
  • digital art

This is just a sample of some of our most popular graphic design services. Please feel free to reach our about any graphic design project you have in mind!

Zoological Info Signs

We do custom zoological info signs for reptile, amphibian, and exotic pet keepers of all sizes. Whether you have 1 pet, are a pet shop with 100, or are a zoo with 1000, we provide zoological info signs of many different sizes for any animal species.


Etsy Shop

We have a variety of prints, stickers, keychains, magnets, and other art/wood and acrylic art & products available on ETSY!


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